20th April 2018
inverter price in Nigeria

Solar Energy Installation Cost in Nigeria

Solar panel cost varies depending on size and type of the system. Solar tiles are generally more expensive than the traditional panels. The prices, though, have […]
7th April 2018

Advantage of Installing Synthetic Turf(Artificial Grass)

Synthetic turf is a noteworthy home change for any area and a home venture from which you and your family will profit for a long time. Who […]
17th January 2018
house painting cost in Lagos

The cost of painting a house in Nigeria

When you are building your house and need to know how much to budget for paint, there are simple tips that will help. First of all, […]
12th November 2017
office painting tips

To Be Highly Productive, Paint Your Office With These Colors

Most of our clients here in Nigeria some times want to know which colour to paint their office and how that can affect their productivity and […]