5 Alternatives to ‘NEPA’ available in Nigeria

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5 Alternatives to ‘NEPA’ available in Nigeria

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Do you want to have 24/7 power supply irrespective of where you live in Nigeria and in spite of the erratic power supply by NEPA otherwise called PHCN? Here are alternatives to the national greed available. Good enough, they work in your village as well as in the city, for your home as well as for your office.

Rooftop Solar Panels: 

This is probably the most common and obvious method, if you’re looking into renewable power. Solar panels typically go on your roof, although you can also install them in your yard. Depending on your latitude and the orientation of the panels, you could generate 10 or more watts per square foot. A typical house consumes at least a kilowatt of power, so a few square feet of solar panels should be enough to power most or all of your needs.

Of course, one big weakness of solar power is that it only works when the sun is up. If you want to power your home when the sun is down, you’ll need to install inverters and back up batteries, pay for grid electricity or invest in a second type of renewable energy. Get one today from a solar power distribution company in Nigeria

Wind Turbines: 

Wind turbines are most commonly found in windfarms or floating offshore, but if you have enough real estate you can install a small wind turbine on your property to power your home. There are a few downsides to a wind turbine that make them less popular in residential areas. They can be ugly and make a lot of noise. They also take up space.

But if these disadvantages don’t apply to you or don’t bother you, wind power may be a great asset. Wind power is more stable than solar, and a good-sized wind turbine can easily generate most or all of your electricity needs. Depending on your area, wind might be a better renewable investment than solar.


this has been the most popular alternative to NEPA in Nigeria. Statistics show that over 30 million Nigerians own a diesel generator. It has become popular because it is readily available and at an affordable initial cost. This does not mean it is cheaper than solar when measured over a period of time. The cost of servicing and maintenance for the generator always makes you to end up spending more

Inverters and Back-up batteries:

This isn’t renewable energy, but it works well with any home renewable generator and can even save you money without any other renewable system. They are large rechargeable battery that can store several kilowatt-hours of electricity. On its own, it can be programmed to charge itself from the grid or generators. So its always best used in combination with a source of renewable energy generation like solar or wind power. The Powerwall can store excess electricity that you don’t use right away, so you can always use renewable solar or wind energy even when the sun is down or the wind’s not blowing.


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