Solar Energy Installation Cost in Nigeria

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7th April 2018
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Solar Energy Installation Cost in Nigeria

inverter price in Nigeria

Solar panel cost varies depending on size and type of the system. Solar tiles are generally more expensive than the traditional panels. The prices, though, have been falling in recent years, due to the technological advances.Note that solar panels cost will differ according to quality, type, and size. So get a professional solar energy company in Nigeria to inspect your house and run an estimate of what it will take to keep your home solar powered. And apart from cost, you need to ask other questions about your solar needs before proceeding

The average household needs a solar panel to provide around 3kW. The more electricity your system can generate, the higher the initial installation cost, but the savings will also be higher in the long term. It is safe to say that solar panels cost isn’t cheap. Nevertheless, after you have covered the solar panel installation cost, you start saving and making money. Continue reading to find out on how to regenerate your investment from solar panels cost.

Standard Solar System Components

This brings up an important point: it takes more than a solar panel to get a PV system up and running, though. In fact, there are generally four components in every PV system:

  1. Solar panels – captures sun’s energy and converts it to electricity
  2. Controller – protects batteries by regulating the flow of electricity
  3. Batteries – store electricity for later use
  4. Inverter – converts energy stored in a battery to voltage needed to run standard electrical equipment

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