22nd May 2022
where to buy curtains

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Curtain for your Home

You don’t really need to hire a home deco expert before you make the right choice for the type of curtain you need in your home. […]
6th March 2022

Borehole Drilling and Cost in Nigeria

There isn’t definitive cost attached to borehole drilling services in Nigeria, so when a client calls and I get asked what the costing is, I usually […]
30th March 2020
sanitizer dispensers in lagos Nigeria

Where to Locate Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

To be sure, the availability of hand sanitizer should be predicated on ease of use, such as putting dispensers where they will be recognized and used. […]
29th June 2018
benefits of buying and installing solar


For so many villages and rural areas in Africa, sunset is synonymous to darkness. This has been the trend for so long that it is seen […]