Borehole Drilling and Cost in Nigeria

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Borehole Drilling and Cost in Nigeria

There isn’t definitive cost attached to borehole drilling services in Nigeria, so when a client calls and I get asked what the costing is, I usually run through some general questions with them. Even though most would still email us asking what the cost of borehole in Lagos is?.
The basic questions shall be covered in the part of this article. Stick around to learn more about borehole drilling services in Lagos.

Factors to consider for borehole drilling services

  • Borehole Drilling Location
  • Site Map and Soil Testing for borehole in Lagos.
  • Borehole Drilling Objectives
  • Existing Boreholes in the surrounding
  • Choice of borehole drilling technique

Borehole Drilling location?

The location of client, rather where the borehole is intended to be drilled is a big factor for costing. Take for instance, some locations are rocky areas and some with impermeable clay. That said, an estimate of yield can be carried out to identify the soil and rock which comprise the aquifer. History of old wells in that location will indicate how far down the water drops during dry seasons and will indicate how deep new wells must be. These are put into account to determine what the cost of borehole in Lagos is? The borehole-experts are always at hand to assist with all your borehole need.

Site Map and Soil Testing for borehole in Lagos

The step to map a site for drilling and also carry out soil testing is to eliminate all guess works. This eventually saves client’s money and time. This is so that drilling only occurs where there is a high chance of successful penetration into water-bearing formations. Advanced steps such as soil test and site mapping raises the success rate of borehole. Also, cost is managed within set budgets. what the cost of borehole in Lagos is, is also determined by the decision of client to take soil test and reduce guess works of the project.

Borehole Drilling Objectives

Borehole construction may be for different purposes, such as; water extraction, and for other liquids (Petrol, gas). In this article, our focus is on water extractions and the uses of these water and how these usages affect the costing of borehole drilling. For instance, the drilling project to serve drinking and domestic water requires a deeper depth than the one for irrigation on farm land, and so on.

purpose of borehole

Existing Boreholes in the surrounding

If there is or are existing boreholes in that surrounding, there are certain questions that we at Cleaneat can ask IF we are able to get in touch with the contractor who drilled it. Another approach is by visual inspection and water sampling on the spot can be used to determine if actual soil test is required. But by and large, we have worked extensively in Lagos and can give an accurate, pocket friendly quotes to our prospective clients on the go.

Choice of borehole drilling technique

The choice of either traditional (manual drill) or machine drill is entirely dependent on the objectives of the borehole. This choice is made after examination of the type of land and from history of boreholes drilled in that surrounding. Bearing in mind that a borehole drilled with machine produces better (result) water, it doesn’t come cheap, but it is worth every penny spent as this lasts longer.

In Conclusion, I believe the question of What the cost of borehole in Lagos is, going by the highlighted points in this article, we can tell what factors affect costing of borehole drilling generally.

At Cleaneat, we offer professional advise as well as working with your budget and requests. We have enjoyed lots of referrals owing to our great services. The present clients are also enjoying this services across the nation.

To learn more about borehole and other water related services that we provide, kindly feel free to hit the contact button below and we would be happy to hear and read from you.

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