Professional Wall Screeding Companies In Lagos, Nigeria

HouseSolutions provide perfect wall scree-ding and paint application which bring out the quality and beauty of your building. Screeding your walls before painting gives it a beautiful look. Many run from it thinking the silk paints are way too expensive, but considering this option gives your wall a quality outlook and they are very affordable, at least, from us.

You may be wondering: What is wall screeding and why wall screeding before painting? What is the benefit of wall screeding? and what is the material used for wall screeding? Our Knowledge centre answers all that including the cost of wall screeding in Nigeria. You don't need to have too much knowledge though for us to do a good wall screeding job for you


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Many doors have been installed from Residential to commercial round Nigeria

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Protect and beautify your home with our doors. We have helped many homes


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We have industry expert that have been in the field for over 15 years. You can bank on their experience