Wallpaper Supply and Installation in Lagos, Nigeria

We are a wallpaper dealer in Lagos, Nigeria offering full wall solution from Wall screeding and house painting to cladding and wall papering. Wallpaper is a material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings. When it comes to wallpaper selection, every individual client’s needs are as unique and distinct as their personality. That is why we allocate ample time to each project we take on. Our clients have come to know us as the go to people for affordable, durable, washable wallpapers.

In a highly competitive world, every business has an obligation to differentiate itself. Forming an identity through branding ensures that your clients are able to pick you out amid a sea of competitors. We have creatively used wallpapers to set our clients apart in whatever their line if business.

For a perfect outcome, it is imperative that a good product be paired with skillful workmanship. We have a good number of fundis who handle the installations. Their expertise go a long way in enabling us to meet our main objective; to leave each of our clients satisfied.


Find below different categories of wallpaper available in Nigeria

Merry xmas wallpaper in Lagos

Christmas Walpaper

Eloquent Displays provides you good quality merry Christmas wallpapers in Lagos Nigeria with good price and service. Find terrific prices on an array of wholesale Merry Christmas wallpapers at Eloquent Displays in Nigeria.

Doors Installed

Many doors have been installed from Residential to commercial round Nigeria

Homes Installed

Protect and beautify your home with our doors. We have helped many homes


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years of experience

We have industry expert that have been in the field for over 15 years. You can bank on their experience