The cost of painting a house in Nigeria

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The cost of painting a house in Nigeria

house painting cost in Lagos

When you are building your house and need to know how much to budget for paint, there are simple tips that will help. First of all, it is necessary to plan and create a budget before the painting to know how much the house painting cost to be issued, so that we can minimize the house painting cost. The magnitude of the house painting cost depends greatly on the type of wall paints that will be used, the size of the area to be painted as well as several other factors. You may have been planning to buy equipment to paint at the store near your home, but actually the most important thing that you must know from the start is the area to be painted. Create a budget plan of house painting cost is not a difficult issue. If you make a plan detailed in house painting cost, then the painting process can also run well.

Before you create a house painting cost, should you need to pay attention about a few things such as: Calculate the area of the area to be painted. Measure the length and height of each wall and then determine the wall area to be painted. On the packaging the cans of paint that you buy is usually already noted how many maximum wide of walls can be painted using a paint package. By knowing the maximum wide of walls can be painted using a paint package, then you will be able to calculate how many cans of paint that needed to do the painting in a room.

Painting accessories. Wall paint is not the only expense you have to calculate. In addition to the paint, you should also calculate the need accessories such as brushes, paint rollers, ladders, plaster or adhesive tape. Consider to buy brushes and paint rollers that the quality is good, although it may be higher in price. Brushes and rollers with a good quality, less likely to absorb the paint so the use of paint can really correspond to that listed on the cans packaging. We recommend that you buy a 2 or 3 paint rollers so that it will ease your work when you have to change the color of paint.

Labor costs. The cost that must be spent for labor or carpenter is highly variable (usually each region is very different). Make sure you know how they count their wage, whether based on day’s work or based on the wide of wall that will be worked on. You can also ask about the calculation of the panting cost to labor which you will hire.

Minimize the house painting cost. Accessories such as brushes and paint rollers, is an accessory that is important but not always should you buy when want to do the painting. May be your relative or neighbor there has brushes and rollers with a good quality, try to borrow from them, because an accessory like this is rarely used. So you thrifty in terms of painting accessories. The cost of purchases paint. You can try to ask the store paint, was there flatus paint remaining from another buyer. If indeed the store paint is providing mix paint services, usually there is still remaining flatus paint that not yet sold. Then you need to buy white color as prime basic paint to fix the wall before it is painted with new color. If you planning to buy new paint (not flatus paint) make sure you should buy more and mix them on one gallon directly. It is to reduce the different colors on a common wall.

Additional factors. In addition to calculating the cost of paint and accessories, you should also calculate the costs for cleanliness. After the painting is completed, you’ll still have to clean up the rest of the paint drippings on your furniture and floors. If the painting done by a painter, you have to calculate the additional cost that may be necessary to clean the waste from paint

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