Solar Installation Services Company in Nigeria

Bezalil Solar Solutions organizes solar installation quick training class in Lagos Nigeria. We follow international best practice standards to develop the content and deliverable of our PV training courses. On successful completion, candidates who perform well stand the chance of internship with our reputed solar energy company in Nigeria. We also support our qualified students by recommending them to respective industries for placement after successful completion of training.

Bezalil also provides after training support services to its alumni which includes opportunities to update skills and knowledge, finding employment and invitation as well as access to networking events.

Skills to be learned
1. Installation and Troubleshooting of solar power systems in accordance with codes and standards using drawings, schematics, and instructions.
2. Conduct engineering site audits
3. Shading analyses, Site selection, Accurate energy calculations
4. Experience in field installation and commissioning
5. Protection systems and construction methods
6. Good Communication Skills
7. Provide technical direction or support to installation teams during installation
8. Can implement Project Management system
9. Consult clients on their business needs, develop proposal
10. Meeting with clients and present the company's plans & services


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