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We offer the largest selection of carports, shade covers and portable canopies anywhere in Nigeria. If you're looking for a way to protect your vehicle, generator, pool, windows, doors, out door shade etc, or create additional storage, you've come to the right place. You'll find a lot of Product to choose from, and our order process is quick, safe, and secure. Our service ranges from direct supply of shade nets to installation of carport down to the end user of shade nets.

With a no mess installation, our carports are absolutely the best for parking areas. Since our carports consist of of long lasting shade materials that repels excess ultra violent rays, it offers you the best shade experience. Our carports are smart for work entrances and reception areas. Therefore they are also perfect for weather-facing areas. You're certain to find great products, great value, and great service with us

Our expertise lies in the importation, fabrication, installation and maintenance of shade structures, relaxation structures and swimming pools. These shade structures include carports, commercial canopies, danpalons, folding tents, walk way covers, gazebos, Marquee mega tents etc. We also stock and supply high quality shade materials including shade nets, superior polycarbonates, stainless steel rails and Aluminium rails.


Choose from our wide selection of doors and windows. We have both security doors, imported doors and local made doors

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Wooden Door

From Mahogany to Oak, discover wooden door designs that's unique for your need
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Metal Door

Browse our collection of steel door, iron door, aluminium door etc. There is always a style for every need
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Security Doors

Security doors are mainly important in the current security situation in Nigeria. Choose your style
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Glass Door

We have reflective glass and other forms of glass to give your house a modern look


We import different types of doors into Nigeria through our agents. From Israeli doors to Russian doors and Turkey Doors. Click on any of them to view our gallery.

Israel imported doors

Israeli Doors

We market the RB Door brand made in Israel
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Russian Doors

Russian doors are strong and durable
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Turkey Doors

Turkey doors are quite popular in Nigeria
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China Doors

View our collection of China Doors in Nigeria and their prices

Doors Installed

Many doors have been installed from Residential to commercial round Nigeria

Homes Installed

Protect and beautify your home with our doors. We have helped many homes


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We have industry expert that have been in the field for over 15 years. You can bank on their experience